The ultimate website for anyone fascinated by social interactions.

What is this site about?

It’s a celebration of social interaction.

People who reviewed this website (and who I definitely haven’t fabricated for the purposes of lending myself an air of objectivity) have also described it as:

  • Amateur anthropology
  • “Everything that’s wrong with the world today”
  • Dale Carnegie, but on the spectrum
  • Pick Up Artistry minus the PU

What’s up with the name?

Every website needs a mascot. I’ve chosen the penguin because it seemed fitting following its advice animal fame:

I’ve long been a fan of the Less Wrong community, so I aped its name to arrive at Less Penguiny.

Why do you believe you are qualified to write about this?

Extremely fair question. I do not have any degrees in psychology or sociology, so if an academic grounding exists for what I’m writing about, then I certainly don’t have it.

Nevertheless, I still feel my thoughts are worth airing for the following reasons:

1. I am secretly the world’s most charming film star Jeff Goldblum. I cannot prove this right now however.

2. Owing to a double dose of awkwardness in my early years, I spent a long time in a perpetual state of analyzing social interaction. I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time, and if my day job in a highly technical field (i.e. acting in Jurassic Park sequels) serves as any evidence, my analytical skills ought to pass muster. Indeed I’ve even been told they pass mustard.

3. I’ve taken a semi-scientific approach to this project in that, over the past 6 years, I documented over 2000 useful, intriguing or otherwise noteworthy observations of social interactions happening around me. This obviously isn’t a precision science—you’ll forgive me if I forget to carry the one; rather, the point of all this observation was to form a minimum empirical basis for my articles. That means the focus of this project was and is on what actually happens in real life instead of fantasies dreamed up from an armchair.

Are you really Jeff Goldblum?

No. That was a barefaced lie and I’m ashamed of myself for pretending to be someone I’m not. My only real connection to Jeff Goldblum is that, physically, I look exactly—I mean exactly—like he doesn’t.

I like what you’re doing. Are there any ways to ensure you keep writing, aside from replicating the more nefarious elements of the plot in Misery?

I’ve taken a short sabbatical from my day job to focus on Less Penguiny. This rat is taking a breather from the race.

I was heartbroken by the tumbleweed response I got for my last writing project, so I don’t intend to spin my wheels writing in vain again. This time I’ve set myself a kill-or-continue date to evaluate whether Less Penguiny resonates well enough with the public to warrant continuing. I’ll know not to throw in the towel if I see telltale markers like traffic, social media shares, mailing list members, or sponsorship/donations.

So if you like Less Penguiny and don’t want me to go back to my day job as a Jeff Goldblum imposter, show your support by joining the mailing list, sharing the articles online, or, better yet, posting me an actual penguin.

Is it true you don’t like Harry Potter?

No comment.

How can I contact you through a private channel?

I’m available on less_penguiny at protonmail dot com